Who do Olympic Gold Medalists, World Boxing Champions, and NBA All-Stars trust in Sports Medicine?
Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Krinsky has been helping patients, from weekend warriors to world-class athletes, return to their active lifestyles for over thirty years. Not all joint pain requires surgery. Know your options. We accept all PPO, POS, and Medicare. Let Dr. K get you back in the game. Call our office to schedule your consultation today!

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Top Hip Surgeons in San Francisco Speak

As one of the premier hip surgeons in San Francisco, I’ve had many patients who were both avid amateur athletes as well as some of the best professional athletes. They play very high contact sports like soccer, football and hockey.  Many recent studies have shown that these athletes in the contact sports category develop knee [...]

Shoulder Doctor in San Francisco Shares Rotator Cuff Insights

As a shoulder doctor in San Francisco, I get many patients who come in with various shoulder pains that they aren’t sure about. They usually cannot pin point exactly what is hurting or where the pain is coming from, other than to say, ‘my shoulder hurts’ and they have suddenly started experiencing discomfort when they [...]

Shoulder Surgeons in San Francisco Area Discuss Separation vs Dislocation

Despite my many years of medical experience I would be the first to admit that it is easy to confuse a shoulder separation with a shoulder dislocation, and I am sure that many other shoulder surgeons in San Francisco (and further afield) would admit the same. In fact without a visual investigation, such as an X-rays, [...]

Orthopedic Doctor Michael B. Krinsky, M.D., M.C.

Welcome to the website of Dr. Michael B. Krinsky, M.D., M.C. If you’re experiencing aches and stiffness because of an injury and wish that you could still do as much as you used to, Dr. Krinsky can help you.

It can be quite frustrating when your range of movement is diminished because you are restricted by pain. Even regular, everyday activities such as reaching for something, walking, sitting down, and standing up can be severely affected by soreness.

Whether the swelling and pain are a result of a recent injury or an accident that happened years ago, there is hope. With professional medical help, it is possible for you to regain most, if not all, of the mobility and strength that you had before.

Orthopedic Treatment Options

The treatment options offered by Dr. Krinsky are time-tested and proven effective, especially for athletes and other professionals who rely on their physical abilities to earn a living. Physician to boxing champions, pro ball players, and Olympians, Dr. Krinsky is an exceptional medical practitioner you can count on to help you get well on the way to recovery.

Don’t let aches and injury stop you from pursuing a sports career or an active day-to-day lifestyle! Dr. Michael B. Krinsky will help you choose surgical and non-surgical options to ease your ailments and live every day of your life pain-free. An orthopedic surgeon by profession and sports doctor by specialization, Dr. Krinsky provides expert diagnosis, treatment, and advice on the following:

  • Total and partial knee replacement
  • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder/rotator cuff surgery
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus tears
  • Ruptured tendons

Depending on the severity of the injury, your treatment may have to include surgery. Should the situation call for it, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. As a hip and knee surgeon of the highest caliber, Dr. Krinsky knows it is not enough to mend a patient’s limb in an operating room. He and his staff will also guide you through pre-surgical preparations and post-operation rehabilitation to keep you in tip-top shape before and after your procedure.

Therapy after surgery is crucial since it ensures that an injured knee, for example, has been properly repaired and is healing correctly. The objective is the full restoration of your original strength and capabilities before the injury.

Orthopedic Surgeon for the Pros

In over 30 years as an orthopedic doctor, Dr. Krinsky has earned an impressive reputation and clientele among amateur and professional athletes. His patients include:

  • Andre Ward — reigning World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council super middleweight champion
  • Chris Mullin — member of the 1984 U.S.A. Men’s Olympic basketball team; played for the Golden State Warriors and Indiana pacers from 1985 to 2001; a Basketball Hall of Fame inductee
  • Chryste Gaines — gold medalist in the women’s athletics 4x1000 meter relay at the 1996 Summer Olympics
  • Jennifer Azzi — former professional basketball player and gold medalist at the 1996 Summer Olympics
  • Rigoberto “Tito” Fuentes — played Major League Baseball for the San Francisco Giants from 1965 to 1978

Whether you play sports competitively or recreationally, Dr. Krinsky will make sure you get back to prime physical condition. As his patients testify, even if you may not be a professional athlete, Dr. K will still treat you like one!

Despite all the required safety gear and necessary precautions, accidents are bound to happen and injuries are bound to be sustained on the court, inside the ring, or on the playing field. They are so common that they’re considered part of the game. That’s why we are fortunate to have talented and dedicated sports physicians like Dr. Krinsky.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking for a knee doctor in the San Francisco East Bay area, set an appointment with Dr. Krinsky for an immediate opinion on your condition. Call (510) 886-8033 to schedule a consultation today!

rotator cuff surgery

Sylvia Sullivan of Castro Valley, CA worked some thirty years for Safeway. She also had been an exercise instructor since 1979, so staying healthy was always important to her. But the repetitive motion of lifting bags of groceries, dog food, and milk began to take its toll on her shoulder joints. Over time she started [...]

Sylvia Sullivan
Rotator Cuff Surgery

Craig Parker is a journeyman lineman from Pleasanton, CA and he doesn’t have your typical desk job. He spends his days climbing up poles to repair high voltage power lines. Any limitation in strength or mobility could threaten his livelihood. In 2006, Craig began to experience increasing pain and immobility in his left elbow. His [...]

Craig Parker

Wayne Caporusso, from San Leandro, CA, is a retired construction truck driver. After many years of climbing in and out of trucks, Wayne began to develop pain in his knees. The pain got so bad, in fact, that he couldn’t do basic movements like walking or bending down. He couldn’t even get a good night’s [...]

Wayne and Dawna Caporusso
Beth Mar

Beth Mar, from Castro Valley, has been a registered nurse for over thirty years. She met Dr. K after she moved to the East Bay area while working at Eden Medical Center assisting in orthopedic surgery. Over the course of her career she has participated in literally thousands of procedures such as hip replacement surgery, [...]

Beth Mar

Shari Holland is a land agent for Pacific Gas and Electric. She recently came to see Castro Valley orthopedic surgeon Michael Krinsky for a torn meniscus. According to Shari, Dr. K “did a wonderful job” repairing her meniscus. She was also very appreciative of his patience and great bed-side manner. It took just a few [...]

Shari Holland

Evelyn Boyd is a real estate agent in Castro Valley, CA. At the youthful age of 76 years, Evelyn leads a very active lifestyle. While on vacation at Lake Tahoe this past February, Evelyn tore her left anterior cruciate ligament (commonly referred to as the ACL) on the ski slopes. Worried that her injury may require surgery, [...]

Castro Valley’s Evelyn Boyd Gets Physical Therapy for ACL Tear

Mary Comeaux is a retired grandmother living in Oakland, CA and another knee replacement surgery success story. Her grandson, Marcus, is the apple of her eye. Of course, keeping up with a three-year old takes a lot of energy. But she would never let something like joint pain keep her from spending time with him… [...]

Oakland’s Mary Comeaux Has Successful Knee Replacement Surgery
Dr. K - Sports Doctor Achievements
Knee Replacement Surgery

Before and After I have been specializing in total and partial knee replacement surgery in the greater Oakland area for nearly thirty years. Also known as arthroplasty, a knee replacement procedure can result in the alleviation of pain in addition to the restoration of functionality in knee joints that have been damaged due to disease [...]

Hip Replacement Surgery

In the event that hip replacement surgery is the right decision for you, it is usually a good idea to schedule an appointment with your Fremont area primary care physician so that a thorough physical examination may be conducted prior to your procedure. This medical evaluation is required in order to assess your overall health [...]

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Shoulder surgery may be the only feasible option for those patients who have sustained a rotator cuff tear that fails to show progress after non-surgical efforts have been exhausted. This may be denoted by increased weakness, loss of function, and limited motion in the joint. Most surgeons consider a course of non-surgical treatments to be [...]

Ankle Sprains

The ligament most commonly torn by ankle sprains is called the anterior talo-fibular ligament, or ATFL for short, and usually results in difficulty in walking due to pain and swelling. Thus, patients may often may need crutches to get around. The pain and swelling can last for as long as three days. If the injury is serious enough, [...]

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